Sports Fundraising

With the cost of living constantly on the increase, sports fundraising initiatives have become more important than ever. Be it a children’s sports team or activities such as gymnastics and dance, the cost to have your kids participate keeps getting higher and higher. Most leagues/clubs require families to participate in some sort of sports fundraiser to offset costs of uniforms, tournaments, travel and upgrades to facilities. A strong fundraising campaign can help take the sting out of rising costs.

School Fundraising

Parent councils along with school administrators often collaborate to raise funds vital to extra-curricular programs and school needs. With budget cuts affecting all school boards across the province the importance of a good fundraising partner has never been more important.

Finding a fundraising solution that is easy to implement may seem difficult. A solution that offers both a strong earning potential and value to the end consumer is hard to find… until now.

The KidsPerks Card provides your organization with an easy to sell, lucrative fundraising product that supporters can enjoy for an entire year!

What is the KidsPerks Card?

The KidsPerks Card is an instant savings card that enables families to save hundreds when dining out or enjoying leisure time with their kids. Local businesses such as Boston Pizza, Swiss Chalet, Pita Pit and Croc A Doodle to name a few, have stepped up to support our initiative to help parents save.

Parents receive UNLIMITED FREE KIDS MEALS and other fantastic savings without blackouts or day and time restrictions! The best part is that this is not a one use and done card. The KidsPerks card is valid for one year from date of purchase. Parents who support your fundraising with a card purchase can save hundreds!

How does it work?

The KidsPerks Fundraising Program is one of the most lucrative fundraising initiatives available. The card sells for $24.95 and your organization will receive up to $12 for every card sold. Each card is accompanied by personalized packaging which proudly introduces and promotes your cause. What separates our program from others such as cookie and pizza programs is our overall value to both card purchasers and their community. By working with us your organization is actually supporting the community as a whole. Our local KidsPerks program partners have graciously donated a “perk” to help out your cause. As a whole, our partners enjoy helping out while also appreciating and looking forward to the business they will receive. You see it’s a winning formula for all involved. Your organization raises funds, parents save, and our participating local partners receive your business.

Unlike other programs that require the fundraising host to take orders, wait for the product to arrive and then deliver it to supporters, we are turnkey. After consultations with our team, your organization will decide on a realistic number of cards to sell and you’re done! We customize packaging and deliver them to your door. Only then, with product in hand will sales begin and it’s as simple as sell a card and collect funds on the spot. That’s it!